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Our mission is to design a home that will last and serve the needs of all who live there.  We design homes that:

  • create more usable space by removing wasteful, non-used elements such as attics and hallways.
  • include multi-purpose rooms which can evolve as the family evolves.
  • are designed to maximize natural light.
  • reduce energy use 50 to 70 percent when compared to a conventionally constructed structure.
  • are composed of natural and nontoxic materials which protect the health of the family
  • do not sag, warp, shrink or decay with age.
  • are structurally superior and resist damage from storms, hurricanes and earthquakes.
  • are composed of materials that do not attract or harbor termites.
  • utilize combustible-resistant materials.
  • reduce or combine building trades and construction time.
  • minimize construction waste.
  • erect in a fraction of the time a conventionally constructed wood frame structure would take.
  • preserve the existing plants, trees, and features of the project site.
  • are designed to last a century with minimal maintenance and refurbishing.

Legacy is defined as being something passed down from those before.  If this is the case, we at Pyranak Design Group wish to introduce The Legacy House.  A home that stands by itself, can be passed down from generation to generation and becomes a symbol of the family and not just a place to live.

The Legacy House is a home which is not only elegant and stunning to look at, but a home that will provide its owner with comfort for all the days to come.  It is a home that in itself embodies the important concepts that we must conserve energy and plan for tomorrow.  The Legacy House is environmentally friendly and uses fewer resources in building and maintaining than the conventionally constructed stick-built home.  A home that will stand for many years, and in itself, becomes a Legacy.

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